ht://Dig Icons

Ht://Dig is an open source search engine that has been ported to a variety of platforms. It is highly configurable and appears to have a bit of development activity. However, like most open source projects that have been around some time, the aesthetics of the default interface my leave something to be desired.

I didn't care for the provided icons at all, so I created a new set which I am offering hear.

The images observe the same naming scheme as the default icons, however, some modifications to the configuration file are necessary, as the icons are considerably smaller than the original.

I may go into detail about this in the future, but for now, you can download them at the following address:


ht://Dig Icons:

ht://Dig Icons

button1.gif button2.gif button3.gif button4.gif button5.gif

button6.gif button7.gif button8.gif button9.gif button10.gif

buttonl.gif buttonr.gif star.gif star_blank.gif  

These icons are being placed in public domain.