OS X ACL's from the Commandline

OSX provides a nice way to script ACL's from the commandline. This article goes through scripting of ACL's and the wrapping of these scripts into a double clickable application using Platypus and CocoaDialog.

Skype Network Home Workaround

This workaround resolves the problem with Skype when running network homes in a corporate environment.

syslogd Configuration

Many low cost routers support sending event logs to a syslog server, often providing more information than is available in the built in logging capabilities. In the following article, I will go through the configuration of Netopia 3300-ENT series routers, as they are both affordable and full featured. I will update this article later to include a configuration supporting Netgear FSV124G routers.

CD Ripping Workflow

This article goes through the setup of a CD ripping workflow for preparing song previews for the web. It uses Apple's Automator to drive various open source software to accomplish the goal.

Apache Icons

I've often searched for a replacement for the standard icons that come with Apache. The default icons date back to Mosaic for X and have been included in the NCSA httpd and Apache server distributions. These continue to be distributed with even the latest versions of Apache. I haven't found any publicly available replacements for these icons, so I decided to build my own.

ht://Dig Icons

Ht://Dig is an open source search engine that has been ported to a variety of platforms. It is highly configurable and appears to have a bit of development activity. However, like most open source projects that have been around some time, the aesthetics of the default interface my leave something to be desired.

TFTPd Configuration

TFTPd is a simple protocol used for file sharing. It's most common use is for storing and retrieving configurations for a multitude of devices such as routers, switches and printers. This guide goes over the setup of OSX to function as a TFTPd server for this purpose.

Installing ProFTPd

ProFTPD is a high powered ftp server that can be compiled with a variety of options. It can be installed to authenticate users using MySQL, or to be integrated with other server configurations.