The following links are loosely categorized by subject. I will continue to expand and update these resources as time passes. I hope that they prove useful to you.


Aalto University
The Department of Signal Processing and Acousitics publishes a great deal of their research online. Of personal interest are the publications on accoustic instrument modeling found at Analysis and synthesis of musical sounds.
The CCRMA at Stanford offers several music software packages including Common Lisp Music and STK C++(Perry Cook's Synthesis Toolkit).
Csound is a software synthesis and signal processing software written in C. The language is very powerful and well documented. Additionally the Csounds site contains an active page on front ends and various ports of this software.
Electronic Music Foundation
"Our mission is to explore the creative and cultural potential in the convergence of music, sound, technology, and science"
"The International Computer Music Association is an international affiliation of individuals and institutions involved in the technical, creative, and performance aspects of computer music. It serves composers, engineers, researchers and musicians who are interested in the integration of music and technology."
ForumNet at IRCAM offers several collections of software. They are often very unique tools for specific purposes that you would be hard pressed to find a solution elsewhere. Unfortunately, not all of it is free nor open source and it can be quite expensive.
Living Room
"A home for experimental musicians, performance and multimedia artists, and all other persons interested in nurturing creative artistic endeavors."
From their website: "Loris is an Open Source sound modeling and processing software package based on the Reassigned Bandwidth-Enhanced Additive Sound Model. Loris supports modified resynthesis and manipulations of the model data, such as time- and frequency-scale modification and sound morphing."
The Norwegian Center for Technology in Music and the Arts has long published interesting software for making music.
Other Minds
Other Minds holds an annual festival and publishes a collection of interesting music.
PureData is on open source language similar to Max/MSP.
The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater in the Walt Disney Concert Hall show cases innovative visual, performing and media arts.
According to their site, "The Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) is a non-profit national organization of composers, performers, and teachers of electro-acoustic music representing every part of the country and virtually every musical style."
Sinusoidal Partial Editing Analysis and Resynthesis (SPEAR) uses a variation of the McAulay-Quatieri technique of peak interpolation and partial tracking.
SuperCollider is another open source synthesis and processing language with emphasis on realtime performance.
The American Music Center
The AMC has been a wonderful resource for opportunities for performers and composers.
Transcribe! is shareware software to aid in the transcription of music. One of the best things about this software is how the spectrum is laid out over the keyboard.


A substantial PHP framework which uses scafolding and convention for rapid application development. Very well documented with a large user base.
Open source antivirus software. This software is bundled with OS X server and can be easily installed on a variety of *nix systems.
Kerio Connect
Kerio is a complete email, calendar and contact server that essentially functions as a drop in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. It has an excellent webmail interface and is stable and efficient. I highly recommend this software for any small business.
Max Mind
GeoIP location software that will run on a variety of systems. The free versions are still substantial and a the PHP extension works quite well.
The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE)has been active for 9 years now, taking place in late winter/early spring. It offers great classes and presentations and an opportunity to speak with some Linux friendly vendors.
Sogo is an open source calendar, contact and webmail server similar to that offered by Apple's OS X server. The package supports the standards embraced by MacOS and iOS devices for complete compatibility. This is definitely software to watch.
Sophos offers multi-platform security products. The above link will take you to the free home edition for Mac.
Zend Framework
A substantial PHP framework and toolkit for with a large user base and solid documentation. Additional support for the framework can be found at #zftalk at


The Museum of Contemporary Art has always been one of my favorites. Every Thursday evening from 5PM-8PM is free.

Friends and Colleagues

Aaron Ross
Aaron is another friend and colleague from CalArts. He is a video artist and professor in the bay area as well as an author on several technical titles covering 3Ds Max.
Kubilay Üner
Kubi has been a friend and colleague since our days at CalArts. He is a talented composer and takes an intimate approach to scoring for film.
Otmaro Ruiz
Another CalArts colleague who is a great guy and a superb jazz pianist/composer. He performs frequently throughout Los Angeles County so take some time to see him perform.


California Institute of the Arts
My Alma Mater and a great resource for a variety of performances and exhibitions. I am amazed that after all these years that my library card still gives me access!
Jay Nolan Community Services
Jay Nolan Community Services provides support and services to people with developmental disabilities with a focus around adults with autism.
LA Derby Dolls
Not only do the Derby Dolls provide great sporting events for their audience, they are also dedicated to a wide variety of social causes. Check them out... you will thank me!
Librivox provides free audio books produced by volunteers.