I am currently the Director of IT at The Film Department, which is a small film studio based out of Beverly Hills. Our desktop environment is entirely Mac OS X based while our server environment is a blend of Mac OS X, Windows and Linux servers. At The Film Department I team with senior management to create the entire technology infrastructure.

In addition to supporting all IT needs, I assist in the management of our dailies workflow, develop marketing materials and edit trailers and EPK for our films.

Prior to The Film Department, I worked for FMS Techniques, Inc. which is a small technical support consulting company in Los Angeles. At FMS Techniques, Inc. I provided onsite technical support for a vast range of industries throughout LA County including interior design, film, and design studios.

Technology and computing have always been simply tools to me: a means to an end. I believe it is this core belief that has enabled me to relate well to those I help leverage technology for their productivity.

Without music, life would be a mistake. --Friedrich Nietzsche

My passion, however, is music. I studied composition at California Institute of the Arts and spent several years working as an orchestrator, arranger and copyist. I have performed with numerous bands through the years and continue to compose to this day.

In addition to the above occupations, I also work in the field of social services, providing support to individual with Autism. I have been an employee of Jay Nolan Community Services for more years than I care to admit.